Microsoft Dynamics


Streamline routine record keeping tasks and automate staffing processes. 

Key Benefits

Increase Productivity

Stop wasting time through duplicated effort and disconnected apps.

Empower your teams to work smarter using connected and familiar Microsoft tools.

Engage Staff

Employee retention, benefits administration, training, performance reviews and change management.

A framework for human resources staff to manage areas of oversight.

Protect Data

Safeguard your data to ensure robust security and privacy.

Leading security features will protect your data in the cloud and simplify user management.

Reports & KPI’S

Instant detailed Reports & KPIs to track statistics, gauge and measure for improvement.

You can use Talent to complete these tasks:


  • Administer organizational structures.

  • Maintain comprehensive worker information from hire to retire.

  • Define and administer benefit plans, enroll workers, assign dependent coverage, and designate beneficiaries.

  • Establish and monitor absence policies.

  • Implement and track profile-based time management and generate pay information to export to a payroll system.

  • Manage worker competencies.

  • Review performance and implement worker goals.

  • Set up, deliver, and analyze training courses that include agendas, sessions, and tracks.

  • Explore Dynamics 365 for Talent by watching this overview video of Dynamics 365 for Talent.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent


As you work with Talent, you’ll decide how to structure your organisation, using elements, such as departments, jobs, and positions. These are among the foundational elements that you’ll configure. Individual employees are assigned to positions which are associated with jobs.


Dynamics 365 for Talent includes the Attract app, which can help you identify, interview, and hire candidates that hold the skills your organization needs. As you move from recruiting through hiring, the Onboard app can help you bring your new employee into your organisation by setting accurate expectations, providing information they need to get started, connecting them with colleagues, and set them up for success in their new role.


You can set up plans to effectively and equitably manage compensation, as well as manage items, such as computers or phones, that your organisation lends to its employees. You can create fixed and variable compensation plans, as well as define rules that apply the compensation plan to meet the criteria for that plan.


To help your employees reach their career objectives while delivering critical business needs you can set up goals, create performance reviews and track feedback. To help employees develop needed skills, you can also set up instructors, course types, courses, course descriptions, agendas, tracks, and sessions before you assign an instructor to a course, or register someone for a course. Instructors must already exist as workers, applicants, or contacts.


In addition to compensating your staff with wages, salaries, and bonuses, you can develop benefit programs such as health insurance and retirement plans. You can also manage benefits such as loan programs, in which your company lends items, such as computers or phones, to its employees.


Talent can help you maintain a safe work environment that’s in compliance with applicable laws. For example, you can manage the physical requirements for specific jobs, as well as track requests for accommodations that can help your organisation optimise the skills of its workforce.

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